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How can knowledge set you free

But you should rightly ask: "This is a nice statement but how can it affect my life anyway?". We feel this is the most important question, because no matter how wonderful these great proclamations sound, if they can't be the insight that changes your life, they are worthless.

How Can Knowledge Set You Free

You are a curious person, right. You like to ask the obvious questions. How can Knowledge itself set you free? Generally if you want to accomplish something it takes more than just knowledge.

For instance, building a house. If you wish to build your own house you must first gain the knowledge and the skill necessary to construct it — then you must buy the land and the materials. Finally, you have to put in the labor to construct it.

Or if you want to go to San Francisco. First you have to learn the way - then you have to get a means of transportation. Finally, you have to make the trip. So it takes a lot more than knowledge to accomplish anything in life - right!

What if you were busy planning your house, clearing the land for the foundation and buying the materials. As you were sweating away chopping down trees and pouring concrete, someone came up to you and whispered in your ear, "Hey, this is just a dream. You are already in your house sleeping in your bed." At that point you woke up and there it was — your house was complete.

Or you drove into the gas station to ask for directions to San Francisco and the attendant said, "What, you already are in San Francisco!"

Then the knowledge alone would complete your house or your trip to San Francisco. What would be your distance from San Francisco - Just the ignorance of where you are. This ignorance is a very interesting creature. Once you discover this ignorance, how long does it take you to gain knowledge?

In an instant you learn that you are in San Francisco - in that instant you arrive in San Francisco. Similarly, if the Kingdom of Heaven is already inside you: if you are already free, if you just overlooked your true nature - then Knowledge alone will set you free.

As the sun shines by its own nature without any outside light - so, by your own nature, you shine in freedom. You do not need a second thing to find this freedom. Now using this statement, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free", as a pointer look to the source of your own freedom. We think you will be amazed at what you find when in Wisdom you gaze right into the source, and find your own innate freedom.

What is the nature of this freedom

This is where you will really have a good time:

Knowing this secret found within you

Standing as the Source of consciousness and bliss

Enjoying life afresh from a new clear perspective

Not having the least fear of losing this freedom

Indeed, this Truth will set you Free.

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